So Long, Bannatyne

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So Long, Bannatyne
Studio album by The Guess Who
Released July 1971
Recorded 1971 at RCA's Mid-America Recording Center, Chicago, Illinois
Genre Rock
Label RCA
Iconoclassic (re-release)
Producer Jack Richardson
The Guess Who chronology
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So Long, Bannatyne
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

So Long, Bannatyne is the eighth studio album by the Canadian rock band The Guess Who.


The album covers and the title track illustrate a transition in band member Kurt Winter's life.

Bannatyne Avenue is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the home city of The Guess Who. The front of the album cover for the vinyl LP has the words "So Long, Bannatyne" above a red Chevy with a Manitoba licence plate. In the background there is a building labelled "Bannatyne Apartments". On the back of the album cover is the red Chevy again, but in a residential neighbourhood. The song lyrics include the line:

So long Bannatyne, hello my Chevrier home.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Rain Dance" - 2:45
  2. "She Might Have Been a Nice Girl" (Cummings) - 3:13
  3. "Goin' a Little Crazy" - 6:59
  4. "Fiddlin'" - 1:06
  5. "Pain Train" - 3:45
  6. "One Divided" (featuring Greg Leskiw) (Leskiw) - 2:38
  7. "Grey Day" (Leskiw) - 4:16
  8. "Life in the Bloodstream" (Cummings) - 3:10
  9. "One Man Army" - 3:55
  10. "Sour Suite" (Cummings) - 4:08
  11. "So Long, Bannatyne" - 5:55
Bonus Tracks (2010 Iconoclassic CD Release)
  1. "Albert Flasher (Cummings)"
  2. "Broken"


  • The 8-track release featured a different ordering of tracks:
  1. "Life in the Bloodstream"
  2. "Fiddlin'"
  3. "So Long, Bannatyne"
  4. "Rain Dance"
  5. "Sour Suite"
  6. "Pain Train"
  7. "One Divided"
  8. "One Man Army"
  9. "Grey Day"
  10. "She Might Have Been a Nice Girl"
  11. "Goin' a Little Crazy"


Year Chart Position
1971 Billboard Pop Albums 52
Year Single Chart Position
1971 "Rain Dance" Billboard Top Pop Singles 19
1971 "Rain Dance" Canadian Singles Chart 3
1971 "Sour Suite" Billboard Top Pop Singles 50
1971 "Sour Suite" Canadian Singles Chart 12
1971 "Life In The Bloodstream" Canadian Singles Chart 39


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