So Much Unfairness of Things

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"So Much Unfairness of Things" is a great short story written by C. D. B. Bryan. [1]


P.S., a 14 and 15-year-old student at Virginia Preparatory School (V.P.S.) has been held back for three years because of his failed Spanish exam. He claims he's studied but he has very bad studying habits, such as being distracted very easily. For the third year in a row, his Latin teacher, Mr. Fairfax, gives P,S. the exam. P.S. is supposed to take it within a certain period of time. P.S. decides to do something very bad this year with the exam; he decides to cheat off of a cheat-sheet that was in the desk. Nobody seems to see him do this, not even his friend, Jumbo. After the exam was over, P.S. feels very guilty but didn't tell anybody. He smokes a cigarette in his bathroom and contemplated what he has done. He ended up wanting to just live with the guilt. Once done with the cigarette, P.S. is asked by Mr. Fairfax to come with him to the Honor Court. His teacher, P.S. and other Honor Commit members were there as well. Just so you know, they have an honor code that basically says that they won't lie, cheat, steal, any of that. So P.S. has broken the Honor Code. Jumbo ended up seeing P.S. cheat on the exam and told Mr. Fairfax, without anybody else knowing, especially P.S.. P.S. is found guilty and is expelled from V.P.S.. His father, who went through the school, just like his whole family of boys did, came to pick up P.S.. He was above disappointing but also confused because of his son's decision. P.S. and his father leave forever.


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