So This Is Paris

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So This Is Paris
So This Is Paris - 1955 - Poster.png
1955 theatrical poster
Directed by Richard Quine
Starring Tony Curtis
Cinematography Maury Gertsman
Release date(s) March 21, 1955
Running time 96 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.5 million (US)[1]

So This Is Paris is a 1955 romantic musical comedy film directed by Richard Quine. It stars Tony Curtis (in his only film musical) and Gloria DeHaven.[2] There is a 1926 film of the same name.


Joe, Al and Davy are in Paris, three sailors on a furlough. They see the sights, but have their sights set on getting to know three girls, including Colette d'Avril, a nightclub singer, and Suzzane Sorrel, who's just had her purse snatched.

Each is in for a surprise. Joe finds out that Colette is actually Janie Mitchell, a girl from Brooklyn. She also is raising several orphans at home with financial aid from a male benefactor. Al, meanwhile, learns that Suzzane is actually a high-society lady who lives in a mansion.

Complications occur when Suzzane makes a play for Joe, giving him a kiss that is photographed and appears in the next day's newspapers. Janie isn't happy about that, but is grateful when the sailors organize a fund-raiser for the kids after her benefactor's death. All the boys need to get back to their ship, but promise they'll be back.



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