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SOAPSonar is a software testing and diagnostics tool for SOAP, XML and REST based Web Services. The core focus is on functional, performance, interoperability, and security testing of service endpoints by performing client simulation and automated generation of client messages.


SOAPSonar provides the following feature set:

  • WSDL Parsing and Conformance Scoring
  • SOAP, XML, and REST service validation
  • Web Service Functional Testing with Success Rule Framework
  • Web Service Performance Profiling and Concurrent Client Load Testing
  • Web Service Design-Time and Run-Time WS-I Basic Profile Compliance Assessment
  • Web Service Security Testing with Risk Mediation
  • Web Service Policy Framework Testing
  • Identity Testing


SOAPSonar supports W3C and OASIS standards for XML, XSD, SOAP, WSDL, WS-Security, SAML, MIME, DIME, MTOM, X.509, XSLT. PKI support provided for SSL X.509 Authentication, WS-Security Signatures, and WS-Security Encryption and included Windows Keystore, Java Keystore, PKCS #12, and SmartCard certificates.


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