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Sobekemhat was an Ancient Egyptian vizier under the king Senusret III in the Twelfth Dynasty. Sobekemhat is only known from his mastaba excavated in 1894 next to the pyramid of Senusret III at Dahshur. The mastaba was decorated on the outside with reliefs. These were only found in small fragments, but the fragments record the name and the titles of Sobekemhat. On an offering table he bears the title of the treasurer, an office he most likely had before being appointed vizier. The mastaba is in a chain of three north of the king's pyramid. It is closest to the pyramid. The next mastaba also belongs to a vizier (Nebit) and the third to another high official, perhaps again a vizier. Therefore, it can be argued that Sobekemhat's tomb was the earliest of the three and he was the first vizier under that king.