Soccer Bowl '81

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Soccer Bowl '81
Soccer Bowl '81.png
Event Soccer Bowl
(A.E.T.) Penalty Shoot-out 2-1
Date September 26, 1981 (1981-09-26)
Venue Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario
Man of the Match Frantz Mathieu
Referee Dante Maglio
Attendance 36,971

Soccer Bowl '81 was the North American Soccer League's postseason championship final of the 1981 season. The event was contested in a single-game match between the Chicago Sting and the New York Cosmos. The match was played on September 26, 1981 at Exhibition Stadium, in Toronto, Ontario to a 0–0 draw after 90 minutes. Following 15 minutes of scoreless golden goal extra time, the game moved to an NASL style shoot-out. The Sting won the shoot-out by the score of 2–1, and were crowned the 1981 NASL champions.[1][2]


The New York Cosmos and the Chicago Sting respectively won their semifinal games. This earned both teams the right to compete for the league title.

Game summary[edit]

Championship results[edit]

New York

1981 NASL Champions: Chicago Sting

*From 1977 through 1984 the NASL had a variation of the penalty shoot-out procedure for tied matches. The shoot-out started 35 yards from the goal and allowed the player 5 seconds to attempt a shot. The player could make as many moves as he wanted in a breakaway situation within the time frame. Even though this particular match was a goalless draw after extra time, NASL procedure also called for the box score to show an additional "goal" given to the winning side of a shoot-out.[5][6]

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