Sochi Arboretum

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Sochi Arboretum
Dendrarium Sochi Mauritanian arbour.jpg
View of Sochi Arboretum
Location Sochi, Russia
Coordinates 43°35′N 39°43′E / 43.583°N 39.717°E / 43.583; 39.717Coordinates: 43°35′N 39°43′E / 43.583°N 39.717°E / 43.583; 39.717
Area 49 hectares (0.19 sq mi)
Created 1890 (1890)

The Sochi Arboretum is a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna. It is a monument of landscape architecture located in the Khosta district of the city of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, in Russia. It includes 76 species of pine, 80 species of oak, and 24 species of palm.