Sochi railway station

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Coordinates: 43°35′29″N 39°43′41″E / 43.59139°N 39.72806°E / 43.59139; 39.72806

Sochi railway terminal in 1999

Sochi railway station (Russian: Станция Сочи) is the largest of Sochi's four railway stations, and one of the largest railway stations in Krasnodar Krai. It is part of North Caucasus Railway and located in the Tsentralny City District of Sochi.


The place for the construction of the railway terminal was defined in 1913, at the fairgrounds (now the Railway Station Square) in front of the city cemetery (now Zavokzalny memorial complex).[1] The present, much larger building of the railway station was built in typical Stalinist architecture and commissioned on 10 September 1952. It was renovated for the 2014 Winter Olympics, alongside with Sochi's three other railway stations: Dagomys, Matsesta and Khosta.


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