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Developer(s) Webligo Developments
Initial release June 2006 (2006-06)
Stable release 4.8.5 / June 10, 2014; 5 months ago (2014-06-10)
Development status Active
Written in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Available in Multilingual
Type Social software, Online Community, Social networking service, php script, SaaS, Cloud computing
License Proprietary software license

SocialEngine helps people and brands build vibrant, customizable online communities. Launched in 2007, there are now 10,000 customers [1] of social websites powered by the SocialEngine platform, resulting in millions of end-users. The company currently has two platforms: SocialEngine Cloud and SocialEngine PHP.

SocialEngine PHP is a PHP-based white-label social networking service platform, that provides features similar to a social network on a user's website. Main features include administration of small-to-mid scale social networks, some customization abilities, unencrypted code, multilingual capability, and modular plugin/widget compatibility. There is a range of templates and add-ons available to extend the basic features already included in the SocialEngine core.

SocialEngine Cloud is a SaaS, hosted version that facilitates interest graphs or communities of people with similar interests. The new cloud-based service lets anyone create a community website, including discussion communities similar to the microsharing style of Reddit, the photo curation style of Pinterest or activity stream style of Facebook depending on the theme.[2]

Current SocialEngine Cloud Development[edit]

The latest release[3] of SocialEngine Cloud included enhancements in performance, frontend enhancements and theme improvements along with these features:

  • Sign In form now shown on landing page for private sites
  • Members autosuggest added to site search
  • Top, Hot and Following sorting modes added to the activity feed widget
  • Post category added to activity widget
  • Posts now support animated GIFs

Current SocialEngine PHP Development[edit]

SocialEngine version 4.0 has been released, and has been built on an entirely different codebase than previous versions, Zend Framework. This was intended to provide scalability and new feature sets. SocialEngine most recently announced that the newest features to be added will be built in membership billing as well a simple package manager.

The latest release, SocialEngine 4.3 now includes these improvements and features:

  • Private message compose form now appears as a pop-up modal, instead of its own page.
  • Private messages are now searchable.
  • “Check all” box added to private message inbox page.
  • Photos can now be uploaded to the activity feed via mobile devices.
  • Admin’s control panel layout refactored and improved
  • Added individual privacy level settings for each profile field on the user’s edit profile page.

Modular Extendability[edit]

Official plugins[edit]

Webligo Developments, LLC offers a variety of plugins to extend the functionality of SocialEngine into blog hosting, photo album hosting, groups, music sharing and hosting, video sharing and hosting, chat and instant messaging services, event planning, online polls, and forums.

Third-Party templates[edit]

SocialEngine installations are unbranded by default. Webligo does not supply templates to alter the appearance of an installation, but these templates are available through third-party vendors.

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