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The Social Alliance Party (Spanish: Partido Alianza Social) was a political party in Mexico.

The PAS was defined to itself as a humanist party and rejected to be fit in the traditional spectrum of right, center or left, nevertheless was considered of right al to be its main one of precurors and to originate almost all its members of the old Mexican Democratic Party, party of right of the years 80s that managed to have an important presence in zones of the shoal, this at the same time there was itself National Synarchist Union.

The PAS never managed to have a real presence in the Mexican elections, in 2000 participated as part of the Alliance for Mexico coalition that support to Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas to the presidency what permitted him to conserve the registration and gave him two Federal Deputies, but in the 2003 elections did not achieve the 2% of the voting with what lost its registration and disappeared.

PAS Presidents[edit]

PAS presidential candidates[edit]