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Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organisations to engage with their customers. As an emerging discipline, interpretations of Social CRM vary, but the most frequently quoted definition is from Paul Greenberg:[1]

Social CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It's the company's response to the customer's ownership of the conversation.

Social CRM is often used as a synonym for Social Media Monitoring, where organisations watch services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for relevant mentions of their product and brand and react accordingly.[2] However, this is too narrow an interpretation, as Social CRM also includes customer communities managed by the organisation themselves.

Applications of Social CRM[edit]

Social CRM has applications in marketing, customer service and sales, including:

  • peer-to-peer Management, Real Story Group[3] and Gartner have published research identifying common use cases for Social CRM. Paul Greenberg publishes an annual evaluation of the top companies in the CRM space.[4]
  • Social Engagement with customers and prospects: SocialCRM tools let businesses better engage with their customers - can listen sentiments about the products or services, reviews, comments etc. It will also enable a two way communication between the business and the consumer.

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