Social Democrat Radical Party

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Social Democrat Radical Party
Partido Radical Socialdemócrata
Leader José Antonio Gómez
Founded December 27, 1863 (PR)
August 18, 1994 (PRSD)
Headquarters Miraflores 495
Youth wing Juventud Radical
Coalition Concert of Parties for Democracy (1994-present)
New Majority (2013-present)
Membership  (2009) 86,999 (5th)[1]
Ideology Social democracy,
Social liberalism,
Secular humanism
Political position Centre[2][3] to centre-left[4]
International affiliation Socialist International
Colours Blue and Red
Chamber of Deputies
6 / 120
0 / 38
Politics of Chile
Political parties

The Social Democratic Radical Party (Partido Radical Socialdemócrata) is a social democratic party in Chile. The party is a member of Socialist International.

The party was founded on August 18, 1994, out of a union between the Radical Party and the Social Democracy Party, both of which had received poor results in the parliamentary elections.

The party supported Ricardo Lagos in the 1999/2000 presidential elections, who won 48.0% in the first round and was elected with 51.3% in the second round. At the last legislative elections, 16 December 2001, the party won as part of the Coalition of Parties for Democracy 6 out of 120 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and no seats in the Senate. This changed at the 2005 elections to 7 and 1, respectively. In 2009, it won 5 congress seats and 1 senate seat.

Presidential candidates[edit]

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the Social Democrat Radical Party. (Information gathered from the Archive of Chilean Elections).

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