Social Progressive Party of South Tyrol

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The Social Progressive Party of South Tyrol (German: Soziale Fortschrittspartei Südtirols, SFP) was a regionalist democratic-socialist and hard-line German-speaking political party active in South Tyrol.

It was launched in 1966 by Egmont Jenny, former leader of the left-wing of the South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP), and thanks to the support of the Socialist Party of Austria and its leader Bruno Kreisky. Its best electoral result was in 1968 when it won 2.4% of the vote, although not winning any seat in the Landtag of South Tyrol, while in 1973 it took 1.7% and got Jenny elected to the Provincial Council. The party, after having failed to merge with the Social Democratic Party of South Tyrol (5.1% in 1973) and even tried to form an alliance with the right-wing Party of Independents, it was disbanded in the late 1970s, with Jenny leaving the Landtag in 1978.[1][2]


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