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The Social Science Research Resources Network (SSRRN) was founded in 2008. It is a website that aims to assist social science researchers to conduct research by providing a platform that easily search all free database and statistical programming codes in the internet.

More and more researchers provide their resources free online in recent years as contributions to the social science research network.[1] However, these resources are spread in different websites, which consumes researchers' time in searching these information. SSRRN thus provides a platform that gathers information of all free resources together and hence saves researcher’s time in searching resources.[2] SSRRN does not host any data and programming codes, but provides a link to the webpage of the owner of the resources. Researchers can post basic information of their resources, i.e. title, descriptions and links, to SSRRN for indexing.

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  2. ^ See Eddelbüttel D. (2004) "A Code Archive for Economics and Econometrics", Link (Introduces an Internet repository for computer programs written by, and for, economists and econometricians. The repository is similar to SSRRN, which provides a means to aid communication among researchers by using the Internet to share implementations of algorithms.)

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