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This article is about danceforms. For the Bis album, see Social Dancing.
Eighteenth-century social dance. Translated caption: A cheerful dance awakens love and feeds hope with lively joy, (Florence, 1790).

Social dance is a major category or classification of danceforms or dance styles, where sociability and socializing are the primary focuses of the dancing.[1] Social dances can be danced with a variety of partners and still be led and followed in a relaxed, easy atmosphere.[2]

This compares to other major categories based on purpose:

Many social dances are partner dances. Quite often when spoken about social dances, ballroom or other partner dances are kept in mind. However it is natural to include in this category such groups of dances as circle dances, line dances, novelty dances, or simply club dancing in solo.

There may be aspects of any of the above dance forms that are either competitive or performance-oriented in nature.

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