Socialist Party (San Marino)

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Socialist Party
Founded 30 May 2012
Merger of NPS, PSRS
Ideology Social democracy[1]
Third Way[1]
Political position Centre-left
National affiliation Agreement for the Country
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
Colours red
Grand Councillors
7 / 60
Politics of San Marino
Political parties

The Socialist Party (Italian: Partito Socialista, PS) is a social-democratic[1] political party in San Marino. The party was founded on 30 May 2012 as a merger of the New Socialist Party and Sammarinese Reformist Socialist Party.[2]

During the Sammarinese election of 2012 the party joined the unsuccessful centrist coalition of the Agreement for the Country, even if the party itself obtained quite good results gaining 7 seats.