Socialist Party of Uruguay

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Socialist Party of Uruguay
President Reinaldo Gargano
Founded 1910
Headquarters Soriano 1218, Montevideo, Uruguay
Youth wing Socialist Youth of Uruguay
Ideology Democratic socialism
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation Progressive Alliance
Socialist International

The Socialist Party of Uruguay (Spanish: Partido Socialista del Uruguay) is an Uruguayan political party founded in 1910. Its main leader and spokesman was Dr Emilio Frugoni, the most prominent advocate of socialist ideas in Uruguay.

The party was a member of the Labour and Socialist International between 1932 and 1940.[1]

It is a member organisation of the ruling Broad Front Progressive Encounter-New Majority, the left-wing coalition that took office on March 1, 2005. Since 2001 to the present (2005) it has been led by Reinaldo Gargano, former Minister of Foreign Relations.


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