Sociedade Independente de Comunicação

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SIC Portugal.png
Launched 6 October 1992; 22 years ago (1992-10-06)
Owned by Impresa
Picture format Resolution:
576i (PAL)
Aspect Ratio:
Audience share 19.1% (Week 10 '14, [1])
Slogan "Estamos juntos!" (English: We're together!)
Country Portugal
Broadcast area Portugal
Headquarters Carnaxide (Oeiras)
Digital Channel 3
NOS Channel 3
MEO Channel 3
NOS Channel 3
Cabovisão Channel 3
MEO Channel 3
Vodafone Channel 3

SIC – Sociedade Independente de Comunicação ("Independent Communication Company") is a Portuguese television network and media company, which runs several television channels. Their flagship channel is the eponymous SIC, the third terrestrial television station in Portugal, launched on October 6, 1992. SIC is owned by Impresa, a Portuguese media conglomerate.

Other channels operated by SIC carried on satellite and cable TV in Portugal are:


The first version of SIC's logo, used until 1997.

SIC was the first private television channel to operate in Portugal. In its first years of existence, SIC was owned by a consortium led by Francisco Pinto Balsemão, and backed by Controljornal (now Impresa Jornais, a holding that contains Impresa's newspapers and magazines), TSF, Universidade de Lisboa, Pingo Doce, Impala Editores, BPI and Rede Globo. SIC was also the first TV channel to acquire huge audiences in just a few years of existence. The most watched programmes in Portugal belong to SIC, which reflect the creativity and sense of innovation of the channel.

SIC became widely known in Europe not only for achieving high viewing figures just two to three years after launching, but for also being the subject of an Arte documentary, "Cette Télévision est la Vôtre" (directed by Mariana Otero).

In 2005, the channel lost it's reign in ratings to TVI.

Nowadays, SIC has a programming largely based on talk shows, Brazilian soap operas produced by Globo, Portuguese soaps, game shows and sketch shows. Like the other major broadcaster, TVI, SIC airs international TV series such as Criminal Minds, the various CSI series and Entourage always after 1 a.m. SIC also relies largely on Globo productions, due to an exclusivity contract which obligates SIC to broadcast every soap opera produced. In-house productions include occasional reality shows and comedy sketch shows, which include Malucos do Riso, a long-running series with focus on dramatized jokes, and Gato Fedorento.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
06.00 SIC Notícias - breakfast news show
07.00 Edição da Manhã - breakfast news show
08.45 A vida nas cartas - O Dilema -
10.00 Queridas Manhãs - talk show
13.00 Primeiro Jornal - afternoon newscast
14.30 Duas Caras - Brazilian telenovela (soap opera)
15.30 Grande Tarde - talk show
19:00 Alto Astral - Brazilian telenovela (soap opera)
20.00 Jornal da Noite - SIC's flagship newscast
21.45 Mar Salgado - Portuguese telenovela (soap opera)
22.45 Império - Brazilian telenovela (soap opera)
23.45 Lado a Lado - Brazilian telenovela (soap opera)
00.45 Various U.S. TV series / movies, Poker and Magazines
02:30 Jura - Portuguese telenovela (rerun)
03.05 Televendas - infomercials


Saturday Sunday
05.55 Etnias Televendas
06.30 LOL@SIC - kids block
08.35 Disney Kids - Disney cartoons block
10.20 Violetta - Spanish Series
12.15 Nosso Mundo - documentaries BBC: Vida Selvagem
13.00 Primeiro Jornal - SIC's flagship newscast
14.00 Alta Definição Portugal em Festa
14.55 Fama Show
15.45 E-Especial
16:30 NCIS: Los Angeles
17.25 various movies
20.00 Jornal da Noite - SIC's flagship newscast
21.45 Mar Salgado - Portuguese telenovela (soap opera) Achas Que Sabes Dançar? (So You Think You Can Dance)
23.00 Lado a Lado - Brazilian telenovela (soap opera)
23.50 Guiness World Records' Craziest Videos
00.50 various tv shows/movies
03.25 Televendas



  • Queridas Manhãs (Dear Mornings)
  • Boa Tarde (Good Afternoon)
  • Episódio Especial (Special Episode)
  • Fama Show (Fame Show)

Family entertainment[edit]

Soap operas[edit]


TV series[edit]


SIC Kids[edit]

In 2006, started to broadcast the block "SIC Kids", broadcasting a few hours later the block "Disney Kids" (the featured, and still features, only Disney programming).

Live shows[edit]

  • Globos de Ouro (Golden Globes)
  • Parabéns, SIC ("Happy Birthday, SIC", literally "Congratulations"—airs when it's SIC's birthday)


New SIC Porto headquarters[edit]

On the day of SIC's 19th anniversary, media group Impresa opened the new headquarters of SIC Porto. It is located in Matosinhos on the site of the old slaughterhouse. In addition to SIC Porto, it also holds newsrooms from other Imprensa publications like Expresso Journal, Visão and Caras magazines, the web portal and company of geolocation and digital content Infoportugal.[1]


  1. ^ SIC took the nineteenth anniversary to launch new studies at Matosinhos (in Portuguese) February 26, 2012

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