Societate American pro Interlingua

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The Societate American pro Interlingua (SAI) is an Interlingua-speaking organization that covers the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. It is currently undergoing reorganization to be considered a non-profit group under US law.

The SAI's charter is a directive written to promote Interlingua in the three countries under its purview. To that end, it organizes meetings, publishes literature and publishes a journal (Confluentes), all in Interlingua.

List Of Officers[edit]

The SAI has six positions, which are filled by five people:

  • President: Dr. Stanley Mulaik
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. Paul May
  • Ad
    • Mr. Chris Burd
    • Mr. Jay Bowks

Of the memberships, three come from the United States, two are Canadian, and there are presently no Mexican members on the board of the SAI.

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