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For the fictional video game in the film, see Gamer (film).
Developer(s) Stardock
Genre(s) MMORTS
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Society is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game in development by Stardock. It is to be initially released on their online distribution service, Impulse for free.

As of February 2009, development of Society is on-hold in favor of Elemental: War of Magic.[1] Development was restarted in January 2011.


Players must first secure control of their starting province from an AI opponent in the form of barbarian invaders. Once this has been done they can attempt to take over neighbouring provinces, whether controlled by the computer or by another player.

Society will be running continuously - including battles - so players must be careful not to let their holdings slip from their grip overnight. To lessen the effect of constant warfare, only 1/4 of a player's provinces may be contested during any one day, and players can band together into empires to take over the defence of each other's provinces. Provinces that have no player to defend them will be defended by the AI.


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