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The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) was formed in 1988. It has 1,700 members and associates, most of them in the UK, and its headquarters are in London.

The SfEP is a professional association for editors and proofreaders. Its main aims are:

  • to promote high editorial standards
  • to uphold the professional status of editors and proofreaders
  • to encourage the use of its members’ services.

The Society offers a range of training courses to both members and non-members, as well as professional qualifications. Everyone who joins the Society does so initially as an associate. There are then two membership tiers:

  • ordinary
  • advanced.

Individuals can progress through the membership structure by demonstrating their experience, skills and level of professional development.

The Society also has corporate subscribers - publishing companies and other businesses and organisations that support the aims of the SfEP.

Ordinary and advanced members can take an entry in the SfEP’s Directory of Editorial Services. Associates can choose to have details of their skills and availability circulated among subscribers on a regular basis.

The SfEP is managed by a council consisting of 12 elected directors. Its honorary president is Judith Butcher and its honorary vice-president is David Crystal OBE.

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