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Society for Neuroscience
Founded 1969
  • 1121 14th Street, NW Suite 1010
    Washington, DC 20005
Key people Carol Ann Mason, President
Focus(es) Neuroscience
Members 42,576 (2011)
Motto Advancing the Understanding of the Brain and Nervous System
Website Official Website

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is a professional society, headquartered in Washington, D.C., for basic scientists and physicians around the world whose research is focused on the study of the brain and nervous system.[1]


SfN was founded in 1969 by Ralph W. Gerard and, at more than 40,000 members, has grown to be the largest neuroscience society in the world. The stated mission of the society is to:

  1. Advance the understanding of the brain and the nervous system.
  2. Provide professional development activities, information, and educational resources.
  3. Promote public information and general education about science and neuroscience.
  4. Inform legislators and other policy makers about the implications of research for public policy, societal benefit, and continued scientific progress.[2]

The Society publishes a weekly peer reviewed, journalThe Journal of Neuroscience—which covers all subdisciplines of the field.

Annual meeting[edit]

The Society holds an annual meeting that is attended by scientists from around the world. Neuroscience 2008 in Washington, DC represented 38 years as a leading organization for the study of the brain and nervous system. Over 31,000 people from across the globe gathered to exchange ideas about the latest discoveries and research on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. More than 15,500 presentations were given, including 12 special lectures, 21 symposia, and 25 mini-symposia, covering research ranging from single molecules to human behavior.

Recent annual meetings were held in Washington, DC, November 12–16, 2011; New Orleans, LA, October 13–17, 2012; and San Diego, CA, November 9–13, 2013.

Past meetings[edit]

The first annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, held in Washington, D.C. in 1971, was attended by 1,396 scientists. Subsequent meetings have been held in a variety of cities throughout the USA except for the 1988 meeting, which was held in Canada. A selection of recent meetings are summarized in the table.[3]

Year Dates Venue Attendance
2000 November 4–9 New Orleans, Louisiana 25,849
2001 November 10–15 San Diego, California 28,774
2002 November 2–7 Orlando, Florida 25,781
2003 November 8–12 New Orleans, Louisiana 28,778
2004 October 23–27 San Diego, California 31,458
2005 November 11–16 Washington, D.C. 34,815
2006 October 14–18 Atlanta, Georgia 25,785
2007 November 3–7 San Diego, California 32,180
2008 November 15–19 Washington, DC 31,652
2009 October 17–21 Chicago, Illinois 30,547
2010 November 13–17 San Diego, California 31,975
2011 November 12–16 Washington, DC 32,357
2012 October 13–17 New Orleans, LA 28,574
2013 November 9–13 San Diego, CA

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