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Society for Software Quality
Founded 1984
Founder P.A. "Dusty" Rhodes
Type Professional Organization
Focus Software Quality
Area served San Diego, CA and Washington, DC, USA
Method Industry standards, Professional Development
Key people Michael Snyder (President), Merle Kimble (Vice President), Edward Wu (Past President), Theodore Hahn (National Director), Elana Star (Secretary), Hermie Arceo (Treasurer)
Slogan Advancing the Science and Technologies of Software Quality.

The Society for Software Quality or SSQ is a non-profit, professional organization founded to promote quality as a universal goal for software.


The SSQ was chartered in the State of California, United States. It was formed in 1984.


SSQ is chartered as a public benefit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes. Its charter is to advance the sciences and technologies of quality software and to nurture professionalism in those who engage in these pursuits. SSQ is dedicated to improving the quality of software and to provide a means of communication between academia, industry, and software professionals.

The Governing Visions for the SSQ are:

  • Leadership
    • To establish the Society for Software Quality as the recognized leader in quality software development concepts and technologies.
  • Professional Development
    • To promote the enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills necessary to achieve continuous professional growth and development in the area of quality software.
  • Membership
    • To build and retain membership.
  • Communications
    • To effectively communicate quality software principles, concepts and technologies to all levels of the software development community.
  • Standards
    • To participate in the development, review, distribution and use of industry standards and guidelines that promote the development of quality software.


The SSQ maintains several standing committees focused on various aspects of software quality.

  • New Chapter
  • Publications
  • Publicity
  • Education
  • Measurement
  • Membership
  • Methodology
  • Risk Management
  • Standards
  • Testing


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