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The Society of Consulting Psychology is a professional association of psychologists who are involved with consulting psychology.[1] The society is the 13th division of the American Psychological Association.[2] The Society (SCP) currently has over 1,000 members.


A number of distinguished psychologists have served as President of the Society including Donald Super, Albert Ellis, Orlo Crissey, Theodore Blau, Raymond Fowler, Thomas Backer, and Rodney Lowman.[3] Template:As of February,, the president is Amy Owen Nieberding.

History and activities[edit]

The society was founded as a division of APA whose members had to hold Fellow status in their respective areas of expertise. It has issued Guidelines for the training of psychologists in this field.[4] According to the organization's website, its members "share an interest in the consultative process including applied activities, research and evaluation, and education and training." The society's journal, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, is published four times per year. The society also hosts a popular mid-winter conference, entitled "Consulting to Business and Organizations", and provides programming at the annual convention of the APA.


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