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Founded 1932

SME (previously the Society of Manufacturing Engineers) is a student and professional American society aimed at promoting manufacturing engineering.

It was founded in 1932 as Society of Tool Engineers and renamed several times. In 1970, it became the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and since 2012 only the abbreviation SME has been used as the official name.[1]

Four Pillars of Manufacturing Engineering[edit]

The Four Pillars of Manufacturing Engineering

The four pillars of manufacturing engineering provides a model of fundamental knowledge required for manufacturing practitioners. The model was formally introduced at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Annual Meeting June 4–7, 2011 in Bellevue, WA. The concept is supported by the Curricula 2015 Report.[2] Since then the model has been the subject of numerous scholarly papers and strategic reports.[3]

There are four fundamental pillars:

  1. Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  2. Product, Tooling and Assembly Engineering
  3. Manufacturing Systems and Operations
  4. Manufacturing Competitiveness.

Supporting the pillars are the foundation skills in mathematics and physical science, engineering science and a broad set of personal effectiveness skills.


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