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Front cover of Socket, the North American version.
Front cover of Socket, the North American version.
Developer(s) Vic Tokai
Publisher(s) Vic Tokai
Composer(s) Fumito Tamayama
Yoko Suzuki
Shigenori Masuko
Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Release date(s)
  • NA March 24, 1994
  • JP March 25, 1994
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Cartridge

Socket, known in Japan as Time Dominator 1st (タイムドミネーター1st?), is a fast-paced platform game developed and published by Vic Tokai for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It was released on March 24, 1994 in North America and on March 25, 1994 in Japan. The game was not released in Europe or Australia.


Socket plays very similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog; so much so that it is often called a Sonic rip-off or clone. Its sense of speed and platforming gameplay contributed to this thinking. In this game players collect energy (represented by lightning bolts) which the robot Socket consumed when he moved. This energy also served as the "life meter", rather like the golden rings in Sonic. The stages were named to reflect this fast paced gameplay. All the zones followed a three-act pattern, beginning with a fast-paced racing zone, followed by a more platformer-style area, and ending with a more puzzle-style labyrinth. This is followed by a boss battle.


For the Magazine Sega Zone, Stuart Campbell gave it the lowest possible score.[citation needed]


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