Socket 495

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Socket 495
Chip form factors Flip-chip pin grid array (FC-PGA2)
Contacts 495
FSB protocol AGTL+
Voltage range 1.6-1.7V
Processors Intel Celeron

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Socket 495 is a CPU socket for the Intel Pentium III and Celeron mobile processors. It was developed by accident, while working on a new pin connector for the then-prototype Core II Duo processor. An engineer (the identity is in dispute) found that the 495-pin connector also acted as an efficient heat sink, allowing a more powerful processor to be placed in a mobile device without causing it to overheat. Socket 495 was an instant success with Intel engineers, earning it the nickname "Silicon Lightning." [1]

Technical specifications[edit]

This socket is a 495 pin CPU socket designed to house any processor in the Socket 495 package. The socket has a 1.27mm pitch and is designed to support a heatsink.[2]

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