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Socket FM2
AMD FM2 CPU socket - closed-top.jpg
Chip form factors PGA
Contacts 904

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Socket FM2 is a CPU socket used by AMD's desktop Trinity and Richland APUs to connect to the motherboard as well as Athlon X2 and Athlon X4 processors based on them. FM2 was launched on September 27, 2012.[1] Motherboards which feature the new FM2 CPU socket also utilize AMD's new A85X chipset.[2]

The socket is very similar to FM1, based on a 31×31 grid of pins with a 5×7 central void, 3 pins missing from each corner, and a few additional key pins missing. Compared to Socket FM1, two key pins were moved, and one more is removed, leaving 904 pins.[3]

For available chipsets consult Fusion controller hubs (FCH).

Steamroller-based "Kaveri" APUs are not supported, see Socket FM2+ (FM2r2) and Socket FP3 (BGA-???).[4]

Feature overview[edit]

The entire AMD Accelerated Processing Unit lines and some of their features
Brand Brazos
(low power)
Llano Trinity Richland Kabini & Temash
(low power)
Kaveri Beema & Mullins
(low power)
Carrizo Carrizo-L
(low power)
Released Jan 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2012 2013 May 2013 Jan 2014 Q2 2014 2015 2015
Fab (nm) TSMC 40 nm GlobalFoundries 32 nm SOI 28 28 28 28 28
APU Socket FT1 FM1
CPU cores Bobcat AMD 10h Piledriver Jaguar Steamroller Puma Excavator Puma+[5]
3D engine1 80:8:4 400:20:8 384:24:6 384:24:6 128:8:4 512:32:8 128:8:4 TBA TBA
TeraScale 2 (VLIW5) TeraScale 3 (VLIW4) Graphics Core Next (Mantle, HSA)
Unified Video Decoder UVD 3 UVD 4 UVD 4.2 TBA TBA
Video Codec Engine N/A VCE 1.0 VCE 2.0 TBA TBA
TrueAudio N/A Yes[7] N/A[6] TBA TBA
Max. № of displays2 2 2–3 2–4 2 2–4 2 TBA TBA
Direct Rendering Manager/
Mesa 3D driver[8][9]
Yes[9] WiP[10] WiP[11]

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