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Socket FM2+
Chip form factors PGA
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Socket FM2+ (FM2r2) is a CPU socket used by AMD's desktop "Kaveri" APUs (Steamroller-based) and Carizzo APUs (Excavator-based)[1] to connect to the motherboard. The FM2+ has a slightly different pin configuration to Socket FM2 with two additional pin sockets. Socket FM2+ APUs are not compatible with Socket FM2 motherboards due to the aforementioned additional pins. However, socket FM2 APUs such as "Richland" are compatible with FM2+ socket.[2]

  • ECC DIMMs are supported on Socket FP3 but not supported on the Socket FM2+ package. GDDR5 memory is not supported at all.[3]
  • There are 3 PCI Express cores: one 2 x16 core and two 5 x8 cores, for a total of 64 lanes. There are 8 configurable ports, which can be divided into 2 groups:
    • Gfx-group: contains 2 x8 ports. Each port can be limited to lower link widths for applications that require fewer lanes. Additionally, the two ports can be combined to create a single x16 link.
    • GPP-group: contains 1 x4 UMI and 5 General Purpose Ports (GPP).

All PCIe links are capable of supporting PCIe 2.x data rates. In addition, the Gfx link is capable of supporting PCIe 3.x data rate.[3]

For available chipsets consult Fusion controller hubs (FCH).

Its mobile counterpart is Socket FP3 (BGA-???).

Feature overview[edit]

The entire AMD Accelerated Processing Unit lines and some of their features
Brand Brazos
(low power)
Llano Trinity & Richland Kabini & Temash
(low power)
Kaveri Beema & Mullins
(low power)
Carrizo Carrizo-L
(low power)
Released Jan 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2012 May 2013 Jan 2014 Q2 2014 2015 2015
Fab (nm) TSMC 40 nm GlobalFoundries 32 nm SOI 28 28 28 TBA TBA
Socket Socket FT1 Socket FM1
Socket FS1
Socket FM2
Socket FS1r2
Socket FP2
Socket AM1
Socket FT3
Socket FM2+
Socket FP3
Socket AM1
Socket FT3b
CPU cores Bobcat K10 Piledriver Jaguar Steamroller Puma Excavator TBA
3D engine block "Cedar" (VLIW5) "Northern Islands" (VLIW4) "Sea Islands" "Sea Islands" "Sea Islands" TBA TBA
FYI TeraScale Graphics Core Next (Mantle, HSA)
Unified shader model
Unified Video Decoder UVD 3 UVD 4 UVD 4.2 TBA TBA
Video Codec Engine N/A VCE 1.0 VCE 2.0 TBA TBA
TrueAudio N/A Yes[4] N/A[5] TBA TBA
Max. № of displays1 2 2–3 2–4 2 2–4 2–_ TBA TBA
Linux DRM/KMS driver[6][7] Yes WiP N/A N/A
Mesa 3D driver[7] Yes WiP N/A N/A
AMD Catalyst Yes N/A N/A
  • 1 maximum of two non-DisplayPort monitors, and a maximum of second number of DisplayPort monitors, but maximum of six!

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