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Sod Solutions, Inc.
Type Private
Industry sod
Headquarters Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA
Key people Tobey Wagner
Owners Tobey Wagner

Sod Solutions, a sod company founded in 1994, develops, conducts research on, and markets patented and trademarked grasses.

They hold marketing licenses for fifteen cultivars: Bella Bluegrass,[1][2] Captiva,[3] Celebration,[4][5] Covington,[6][7] Discovery,[8] EMPIRE Turf, Geo Zoysia, HGT, Latitude 36,[9] Northbridge,[10] Palmetto,[11] RPR,[12] Santee, Sapphire, and Sunday Ultra Dwarf.


In 1989, sod growers in Florida were hit by an historic cold snap, and as a result, cold tolerance for new cultivars, particularly St. Augustine grasses, became a driving issue.

Tobey Wagner and turf grower Elmer Kirkland had been working together on some improved St. Augustine grasses including a Florida release called FX-10 and an experimental line called SS-100. SS-100 would eventually be trade named Palmetto St. Augustine.

Wagner set out to develop a broker business along the I-95 corridor in Florida that would exclusively market and sell FX-10. It would be grown in Florida and marketed to coastal Georgia and coastal South and North Carolina.

The Palmetto St. Augustine program began in 1993-94 as four central Florida growers licensed Palmetto St. Augustine. Palmetto was formally introduced at a March 1994 Florida Sod Cop-op (since renamed Turfgrass Producers of Florida) field day. This milestone moment was the birth of the Sod Solutions licensing program. By the end of 1994 there were 12 charter growers of Palmetto St. Augustine in Florida.

From that time Sod Solutions expanded its businesses, and now works with multiple national and international universities to develop new types of grasses.

Turfgrass for Sports Fields[edit]

Owners of sports fields are always seeking new and better turf for their fields, which receive considerable wear and tear during athletic contests.

On May 30, 2012, a partnership was announced between 21 Florida sod producers from the Florida Sod Growers Cooperative (FSGC) and the University of Florida turfgrass researchers. The goal of this grower-funded research initiative is to seek out new and improved zoysiagrass varieties, especially disease resistant ones. The testing will also evaluate these varieties for their response to drought and shade, their ability to retain color in cooler weather, and their resistance to pests such as billbug, armyworm and sod webworm.

Sod Solutions is coordinating this effort and will be the licensing and marketing agent for new grasses resulting from the program. New product releases are anticipated to arrive in from this research in 2017.[13]

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