Sofa Surfers

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Wolfgang Schlögl (front) and Ludwig "Wickerl" Adam (back) at the 2009 Amadeus Austrian Music Award (Museumsquartier, Vienna)

Sofa Surfers is an Austrian band that plays a mixture of rock and electronic music floating between trip-hop, dub and acid jazz. They have also composed film scores.


Several guests cooperated on the album Encounters - for example Sensational, Oddateee, Jeb Loy Nichols, DJ Collage, Lil Desmond Levy, Junior Delgado, Dawna Lee, Mark Stewart and MC Santana. On the album called Sofa Surfers sings Mani Obeya.


  • 1997 Transit
  • 1999 Cargo
  • 2000 Constructions: Remixed & Dubbed
  • 2002 Encounters
  • 2004 See The Light
  • 2005 Sofa Surfers
  • 2010 Blindside
  • 2012 Superluminal

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