Sofja Shcherbatova

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Sofja Stepanovna Shcherbatova
Sofia Apraksina.jpg
Princess Shcherbatova in 1841
Born Sofja Stepanovna Apraksina
Софья Степановна Апраксина

(1798-12-06)December 6, 1798
Moscow, Russian Empire
Died February 3, 1885(1885-02-03) (aged 86)
Moscow, Russian Empire
Occupation philanthropist
charity organizer
Years active 1820s - 1880s
Spouse(s) Prince Alexey Shcerbatov

Princess Sofja Stepanovna Shcherbatova (Russian: Софья Степановна Щербатова, née Apraksina; born 1798, Moscow, Russian Empire, - died February 3, 1885, Moscow) was a prominent Russian philanthropist, the Dame Chevalier of the Order of Saint Catherine (1822). Princess Shcherbatova (since 1817, when she married Prince Alexey Shcherbatov) was the founder of The Grand Dames Helping the Poor charity (Damskoye Popetchitelstvo o Bednykh, 1844) which she remained the chairman of till 1876, the Nikolskaya Community (which proved particularly effective during the cholera epidemic in 1848 in Moscow and later during the Crimean War), many orphanages and shelters for homeless and elderly people. An heir to the famous Apraksin family, she was greatly interested in literature and arts, kept a fashionable Moscow salon and was a friend of Alexander Pushkin, Pyotr Vyazemsky and Mikhail Lermontov, among others.[1][2]


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