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Sofono Electrical Division of Federated Foundries Ltd was formed in Falkirk, Scotland, UK in 1959 to manufacture and market electric heaters from the Grange-Chamelon Iron Company Limited[1] (also known as the Grangemouth Iron Company Limited). Federated Foundries had previously produced open-fire cookers/water heaters [2][3] and fireplace grates under the Sofono brand name, and continued to do so. From 1959, Sofono produced the well-known Spacemaster range of convector and radiant-convector heaters, described as a "flying saucer" shape because they were circular. They also produced other electric heaters such as the Saturn range of domestic reflector fires, the Jupiter range of industrial infra red heaters,[4] and the Sofono-flame range of infra-red coal-effect heaters.[5]

Look here for an example of a Sofono Spacemaster electric heater


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