Soft Eject

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Soft Eject
Origin Tbilisi, Georgia
Genres Progressive rock
Folk rock
Art rock
Years active 1989–present
Labels Step Records

Soft Eject is a Georgian folk-rock band founded in Tbilisi in 1989. The band combines Georgian and European folk influences with psychedelic and art rock music. They chiefly perform in English. Currently, the band consists of six members: George “Vaho” Babunashvili – bass, vocals; Nodar Manchkhashvili – drums; George “Giorgi” Kobakhidze – guitar, vocals; Alexander “Sandro” Nikoladze – flute, lyre; Emzar Burduli – French horn and vocals; Anna Sikharulidze – accordion and keyboards.[1][2]

Soft Eject debuted at a Georgian rock festival in Batumi in 1990, and then relocated to Germany touring extensively from 1992 to 1995. In 1995, Soft Eject shot their first video for the single “Please Just Carry On” which remains one of their most popular songs to this day. Next year, the band opened their own recording studio, S.E. Studio. In the 2000s, they took part in all important rock festivals in Georgia, organized nation-wide tours and performed several times in the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the United States.[2]

Soft Eject was involved in the bloodless 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia, supporting, together with other popular Georgian rock acts, the opposition demonstrations in the inclement weather and earning the nickname “Rain Musicians.”[2] During Ukraine’s similarly non-violent Orange Revolution in 2004, Soft Eject joined other Georgian rock groups such as Zumba and Green Room in a solidarity concert in downtown Kiev to support the local opposition cause.[3]

The band members engage in civil society and several other cultural projects. Vaho Babunashvili was a member of the supervisory board for the Georgian Public Broadcaster and has been involved in research and popularization of Georgian folk music. He is also a bass player for the Tbilisi-based jazz-rock band Green Room, a founder of NGO Modern Sound House (MSH) and Step Records Ltd record company. Nodar Manchkhashvili has translated up to 100 books from English into Georgian and runs his own publishing company Uncle Nodar's Books. George Kobakhidze works as an art manager for the popular radio station “Utsnobi 98.0 FM”. Sandro Nikoladze is one of the lead musicians in the National Ballet Troupe Sukhishvili and performs in Moving Theater. Emzar Burduli performs with the Tbilisi National Symphonic Orchestra.[2][4]

The band members have authored and produced the first interactive Georgian national musical instruments catalogue.[5]


  • "Everybody" - 1993
  • "Something New" - 1994
  • "Now!" - 1995
  • "Collection" - 1995
  • "Wanderer" - 2001
  • "Nine Mountains Away" - 2003


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