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Software Freedom Conservancy
Software Freedom Conservancy logo.svg
Founded April 7, 2006
Type 501(c)(3)
Fields Software
Key people

Executive Director: Karen Sandler

President: Bradley M. Kuhn

The Software Freedom Conservancy is an organization that provides a non-profit home and infrastructure for free/open source software projects.[1][2] Conservancy was established in 2006.[3][4] As of April 2014, Conservancy had 30 member projects, including Boost, BusyBox, Git, Inkscape, Samba, Sugar Labs and Wine.[5] In October 2010, Conservancy hired its first Executive Director, Bradley M. Kuhn[6] and a year later, its first General Counsel, Tony Sebro.[7] In March 2014, Conservancy appointed Karen Sandler as its Executive Director, with Bradley M. Kuhn taking on the role as Distinguished Technologist.[8][9]

Conservancy has also coordinated GPL compliance and enforcement actions, primarily for the BusyBox project.[10] In May 2012, Conservancy took on GPL compliance and enforcement for several other member projects, and for a number of individual Linux kernel developers.[11][12]


As of October 2013, Conservancy's directors were:[13][14]

Member projects[edit]

The following projects are members of the Software Freedom Conservancy:[5]

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