Sogen SF Short Story Prize

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Sogen SF Short Story Prize
Awarded for Japanese science fiction
Country Japan
Presented by Tokyo Sogensha
First awarded 2010
Official website

The Sogen SF Short Story Prize (創元SF短編賞 Sōgen SF Tanpen Shō?) is an annual Japanese literary award conducted by Tokyo Sogensha since 2010.[1]

It is a prize contest for unpublished short stories and novelettes of science fiction and other related genres. The winning story will be published on the year's-best Japanese SF anthology from the imprint Sōgen SF Bunko. In 2010 and 2011, some of the finalists were also collected into another anthology series Beyond Imagination (原色の想像力 Genshoku no Sōzōryoku?).[2][3]

The regular judges are Nozomi Ohmori (critic/translator/anthologist) and Sanzō Kusaka (critic/anthologist), who edits the year's-best. Another notable author is also invited as a guest judge each year.

Among debutants, Yusuke Miyauchi's debut collection Dark Beyond the Weiqi (盤上の夜 Banjō no Yoru?)[4] was nominated for the 147th Naoki Prize[5] and won the 33rd Nihon SF Taisho Award.[6]


Some stories were given English titles when they were published.

Year Submissions Award Title Author Guest judge
2010 612 Winner Which Won? (あがり Agari?)[7] Yūri Matsuzaki Masaki Yamada
Second place Udon, Kitsune-tsuki no Haneko Takayama
Special citation by Nozomi Ohmori Saezuri no Utyū Yuichi Sakanaga
Special citation by Sanzō Kusaka Tsuchi no Chiri Takashi Yamashita
Special citation by Masaki Yamada Dark Beyond the Weiqi (盤上の夜 Banjō no Yoru?) Yūsuke Miyauchi
2011 594 Winner Sisyphean (皆勤の徒 Kaikin no To?) Dempow Torishima Akira Hori
Second place Mayu no Miru Yume Shunshō Utsugi
Special citation by Nozomi Ohmori Hana to Shōnen Niro Katase
Special citation by Sanzō Kusaka Kudan no Hitomi Tatsuhiko Shibo
Special citation by Akira Hori Mono Mina Ikoeru Tsutomu Oshizawa
2012 618 Winner All Desires, All Gone (〈すべての夢|果てる地で〉 Subete no Yume Hateru Chi de?) Teiji Riyama Hirotaka Tobi
Second place Purometeusu no Bansan Takehiko Okishi
Special citation by Nozomi Ohmori Tera no Suisō Aoba Minazuki
Special citation by Sanzō Kusaka Atamayama Ei Funazato
Special citation by Hirotaka Tobi Enu Shi Toshimichi Watanabe
2013[8] 576 Winner Gingahū Hansō Kenrei Miyanishi Toh Enjoe
Special citation by Nozomi Ohmori The Unknown Hero: Secret Origin Tateaki Kashima
Special citation by Sanzō Kusaka Kyōren no Onna-Shishō Maki Takatsuki
Special citation by Toh Enjoe Huminshō Kitan Yoda Kee


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