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Postcard from 1910 of Rægefjord in Sogndal

Sogndal is a former small seaport (ladested) and municipality in Rogaland county, Norway, lying in the traditional district of Dalane. It comprised the two harbor villages Sogndalsstrand and Rægefjord. The Sogndalselva which drains the Sogndal reaches the ocean at Rægefjord.


The Kielland family, from which Alexander Kielland descended, left Sogndal in 1751 and established a successful firm in Stavanger. The Kielland farm can still be found there. [1] As is typical of older records, this same farm entered the records under a number of phonetically similar names: Kollandt in 1563, Kieldeland in 1567, Kuelandt in 1567, Tielland in 1610, Kielland in 1616, Kiedland in 1668 and finally fixing on Kielland since 1723. [2]

Sogndal got ladested rights[3] in 1798, and became a municipality of its own following a split from Sokndal formannskapsdistrikt in 1845. At that time Sogndal had a population of 348 while Sokndal had a population of 2,819. In 1875 the population of Sogndal had grown to 526, but decreased to 473 in 1885.

On 1 July 1944 Sogndal was reunited with Sokndal municipality, losing its small seaport status. Prior to the merger Sogndal had a population of 311.

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Coordinates: 58°20′N 6°18′E / 58.333°N 6.300°E / 58.333; 6.300