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A 2012 Sohrab roadster

Sohrab Cycles are a Pakistani bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer. They were the first domestic producer of bicycles in Pakistan.[1]

Company structure and history[edit]

In 1952, Pakistan had a foreign exchange crisis which severely restricted imports. A group of traders in Lahore saw an opportunity to domestically produce and sell bicycles. Consequently they founded Sohrab Cycles for these purposes. The company was organized on a co-operative basis. It initially had 22 members and produced 5 bicycles a day. It now has 228 members and produces approximately 2000 bicycles a day.[1]

Sohrab continues to maintain its social principles with a subsidised workers’ canteen and company hospital. It also pays for five of its workers to attend the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca each year.[1]


Sohrab initially manufactured a single-speed roadster bicycle. This had a lugged steel frame and rod-brakes. This bicycle is still in production more than 50 years later. More modern MTB and BMX style bicycles were added to the range in the 1990s.[2] Sohrab have also diversified into producing cargo-tricycles, gymnasium equipment, push-chairs and wheelchairs. The latter are sold at cost price.[1]

In 1994, Sohrab entered the motorcycle market with the JS70. A larger engined version of this was later used as the basis for an auto-rickshaw.[2]


Sohrab’s primary market is in Pakistan. Major export markets have also been established in Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Sohrab-produced wheelchairs are also distributed in Madagascar through a French rotary club.[3]


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