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Soisalo is the largest island of Finland and the largest inland island in Europe. The area of the island is 1,638 square kilometres (632 sq mi). Located in Savonia, Eastern Finland, it is surrounded by the lakes Kallavesi, Suvasvesi, Kermajärvi, Ruokovesi, Haukivesi and Unnukka. Geographically Soisalo, although being surrounded by water, is not a real island because the lakes are not on the same level. The greatest difference between the lakes is 6 metres (20 ft). Sääminginsalo, the next largest island, is similarly surrounded by lakes but they are on the same level. However, Sääminginsalo is also partly surrounded by an artificial canal, and thus it may not be considered a real island either. In this case, the largest island in Finland would be Fasta Åland.

Coordinates: 62°23′N 28°13′E / 62.383°N 28.217°E / 62.383; 28.217