SolBridge International School of Business

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Not to be confused with the Solbridge International School of Business.
Solbridge International School of Business
Solbridge International School of Business
Established 2007
Type Private
President John E. Endicott Ph.D.
Location Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Colors blue      

SolBridge International School of Business is an academic institution in Daejeon, South Korea, launched by Woosong University in 2007. John E. Endicott, who serves as its Vice Chancellor, and now, President of Woosong University, is known for his work on nuclear nonproliferation (for which he was nominated for the Nobel Prize). The school is known[by whom?] for its focus on both business and its implications for government and society with an emphasis on business in Asia. The business program focuses on finance, logistics, marketing and technology transfer. SolBridge International School of Business features an undergraduate major in B.B.A and M.B.A. program.

SolBridge is the first business school in Korea with an international faculty and student body. All courses are taught in English following an American Curriculum model. The Dean is Jin Sung Kim Ph.D. SolBridge is one of Korea's 14 universities that have been accredited by the AACSB board of executives. This sealing puts SolBridge as the top 5% business institutions in the world. Furthermore, SolBridge was the youngest institution in AACSB's history to receive this accreditation, in just 7 years.

About Solbridge[edit]


SolBridge International School of Business is the first step in the establishment of a full-fledged international program that will take full advantage of our extensive overseas networks, our distinguished faculty, our ties to the technological innovation that embodies Daejeon and the trends in the contemporary world towards globalization.

A program like that of SolBridge could not have come into being without the support of the Woosong Foundation and its long history of innovation and application at all levels of education and training.

We must go back to the establishment of the Woosong Foundation shortly after the Korean War and the remarkable insight and commitment that its founder Kim Jung-woo showed at the time. Mr. Kim declared back in April 1954, a time when Koreans were starting to rebuild their nation,

The ultimate goal of the Woosong Foundation will be the strengthening of Korea. We will do that by producing a generation of young men and women in business who have obtained a solid education and can through their efforts create a nation that is self-sufficient.

We exhort our students to devote themselves to furthering progress in society and making the continual search for the truth an integral part of that effort. We encourage our students to develop in spirit and mind, because such growth will assure that our graduates have the skills they need to confront the challenges of the future, and the dedication to their goals that will keep them with their heads held high, looking forward. Our school will always uphold the same ideals we foster in our students and set new standards for education in Korea.

Mr. Kim set forth a vision of a university that placed the student first and made every effort to assure that they grew, not only in academic capability, but also in a philosophical and spiritual sense as well. Visitors to SolBridge are struck by the remarkable camaraderie displayed between students from around the world, and the commitment to this institution that they effuse. Clearly the vision articulated by Kim Jung-woo has become a vision not only for Korean students, but for young people around the world. That vision is only more critical as we face new challenges on a global scale, and the rapid advance of technology transforms our world into one universal society.

Founder Kim Jung-woo’s clear vision and passion about education and the tireless efforts of members of the Woosong Foundation have made SolBridge International School of Business and the other schools founded by the Woosong Foundation: Woosong University, Woosong Technical College, Woosong Information College, Woosong Language Institute, Seodaejeon High School, Woosong High School, Woosong Middle School, into solid and dynamic institutions that contribute at every level to society.

Woosong University was recognized by the Korean Ministry of Education as an outstanding institution for Higher Education and granted awards for “Excellence in Industrial Education” over three consecutive years (1999-2002). Woosong University has received awards innovation and has also been nominated as an “Outstanding Korean University” by The Korean Council of University Education.

SolBridge International School of Business is the embodiment of this transformation of the Founder’s vision into a global vision for the 21st Century. Kim Jung-woo’s ideals remain the same. Students are still urged to devote themselves to improving society and continually searching for truth.

About our name[edit]

“Sol” in Korean means pine tree. Hence, literally, SolBridge means "pine tree bridge". The pine tree is a symbol of our commitment to on-going, current and relevant education: like the pine tree—evergreen, tall, and adaptable to weather changes. Like the SolBridge International School of Business, the pine tree, which grows everywhere, is truly international. It is the bridge that connects continents and cultures across the global community, much as SolBridge and its graduates are expected to do.

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