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Dominion of Bahri Mamluks ( red )

Badr al-Din Solamish[1] (1272–1291; Arabic: بدر الدين سُلامش‎, royal name: al-Malik al-Adil Badr al-Din Solamish (Arabic: الملك العادل بدر الدين سُلامش‎)) was a Sultan of Egypt in 1279. Born at Cairo, he was the son of Baibars, a sultan of Kipchak origin.

Upon Baibars' death, his son al-Said Barakah took power, but as he was replacing his father's amirs with his own, three of the more powerful ones banded together and forced Barakah to abdicate after only two years. Barakah was replaced by the seven-year-old Solamish, with Qalawun, one of the amirs who had forced Barakah to abdicate, as guardian. A few months later, Solamish was deposed by Qalawun, who took the title of sultan for himself.

He died at Constantinople in 1291.


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Regnal titles
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Al-Said Barakah
Mamluk Sultan
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