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Total population
200000- 250000
Regions with significant populations
   100000- 200000
Sindhi, Seraiki, Multani
Related ethnic groups

Solangi (Sindhi: سولنكي) is the name of a Sindhi Muslim Rajput tribe found in Sindh and southern Punjab Balochistan in Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan.


According to tradition, the tribe is a branch of the Solanki ( Chalukya) Rajput tribe.

At the time of Mahmud of Ghazni's attack on the sub-continent, the state of Gujarat was held under a Rajput named Bheem Singh Solanki who is known to have been an enemy of the ruling Soomra Muslim tribes in Sindh.

Solangis are among oldest tribes of Sindh (i.e. Indus Valley Civilization and neighbouring civilizations). Solangis are found in great populations in virtually every town and District of Sindh. They also lived in the city of Karachi. The Solangi Jats of Dera Ghazi Khan, Vehari, Machiwal Khanewal, Rajan Pur and Rahim Yar Khan Daharnwala also claimed connections with the Solangi tribe. Like other old Sindhi tribes, they are known under the common nomenclature of Sammat. They inhabited Sindh when the irrigation system was under development and canals were under construction. The great Mughal said about Sarfraz Solangi, "Sarfraz Solangi is impossible to defeat in battle but easily to overcome by love". More Description plz Contact: 00971555860039 Dubai Contact: 00923336289539 Pakistan Skype ID umer.solangi1 Facebook Email