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Solar3D, Inc. is a company developing a 3 dimensional photovoltaic solar cell technology and a solar installation company.
It is a public company trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board market (the OTCBB).
The trading symbol for Solar3D is SLTD. [1]

Solar3D has two divisions. It is a leading provider of solar power solutions with its SUNworks division and the developer of a proprietary high efficiency solar cell with its technology division. [2]

The company's SUNworks division focuses on the design, installation and management of solar power systems for commercial, agricultural and residential customers.
SUNworks is one of the fastest growing solar systems providers in California and has delivered hundreds of 2.5 kilowatt to 1 megawatt commercial systems and has the capability
of providing systems as large as 25 megawatts. [3]

Solar3D's technology division is developing a patent-pending 3-dimensional solar cell technology to maximize the conversion of sunlight into electricity.
The Solar3D Cell collects sunlight from a wide angle and lets light bounce around in 3-dimensional microstructures on the solar cell surface.[4]

The company's mission is to further the widespread adoption of solar power by deploying affordable, state-of-the-art systems and developing breakthrough new solar technologies. [5]

2014 annual plan

The Company’s plan for the solar cell side of its business includes: 1. Complete the final lab-based, third generation prototype of the Solar3D Cell. 2. Retain a “lab-to-fab” partner that will produce a manufacturing prototype and pilot manufacturing run. 3. Select a manufacturing partner to produce and distribute the new product.

The plan for the Company’s proposed solar systems business includes: 1. Close the SUNworks transaction in January. 2. Grow SUNworks organically to dramatically increase sales and earnings in 2014. 3. Identify additional acquisition targets to add to the SUNworks group. [6]

Latest important news about Solar 3D

04-15-14 : Solar3D’s SUNworks Division off to a Strong Start in 2014

02-26-14 : Solar3D’s SUNworks Division Sales Grow over 300% in January

02-11-14 : Solar3D Third Generation Prototype Enters Testing Phase

02-03-14 : Solar3D Completes Acquisition of Profitable and Rapidly Growing Solar Systems Provider

01-08-14 : Solar3D off to a Fast Start in 2014

List of recently mentioned Agricultural projects from Solar3D Press Releases:

PR date 4/15/14-
Agriculture projects commissioned:
(totaling approximately 1-megawatt)
Quaresma Dairy
M&B Alfalfa Farms
Agriculture projects in process of being completed:
(unknown size)
Dutra Dairy
Borges Dairy
Conant Orchards
Gilbert Ranch
Roy Moreso, Inc. [7]

PR date 5/29/14-
Agriculture projects set to be completed by August 2014
Scully Packing Co. (400kW)
Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers (572kW) [8]


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