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Logo solaraid.png
Founded 2006
Founder Jeremy Leggett
Type International Development charity
Focus Solar market catalysation
  • London, UK[1]
Area served Africa
Product Solar lamps, lanterns and home-systems
Employees 100+

SolarAid is an international development charity which is working to create a sustainable market for solar lights in Africa.[2] The organisation's aim is to reduce global poverty and climate change. SolarAid wholly owns an African social enterprise, SunnyMoney,[3] the largest seller of solar lights in Africa.[4] SolarAid was founded by Solarcentury, a solar energy company based in the UK.[5]

Aims and Focus[edit]

SolarAid aims to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020 through the creation of a sustainable market for solar lights.[6] The charity's social enterprise, SunnyMoney, operates in East Africa, in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi.[7] A pilot project has also been conducted in Senegal in West Africa.[8]


SolarAid is the recipient of a 2013 Google Global Impact Award,[9] a 2013 Guardian Sustainable Business Award[10] and the 2013 Ashden Gold Award.[11]

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