Solar Lovers

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Solar Lovers
Studio album by Celestial Season
Released 1995
Genre Death/doom
Gothic metal
Length 48:08
Producer Displeased
Celestial Season chronology
Forever Scarlet Passion
Solar Lovers
Sonic Orb

Solar Lovers is the second full length album by the Dutch doom metal band Celestial Season. It was released on Displeased Records in 1995. The My Dying Bride influences diminished on this,[citation needed] although the violins are still prominent on the album; the band incorporated some more stoner influences here. This was the last album on which they played doom metal and featured death grunts. The succeeding albums were stoner rock albums.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Decamerone" (6:59)
  2. "Solar Child" (5:13)
  3. "Body as Canvas" (0:57)
  4. "Soft Embalmer of the Still Midnight" (6:46)
  5. "Will You Wait for the Sun?" (6:41)
  6. "The Holy Snake" (1:28)
  7. "Dancing to a Thousand Symphonies" (3:12)
  8. "Vienna" (4:29) (Cover of Ultravox)
  9. "Fandango" (1:42)
  10. "The Scent of Eve" (8:52)
  11. "A Tune from the Majestic Queen's Garden" (1:49)