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The movement of stars of spectral classes B and A around the apex (left) and antapex (right) in ± 200 000 years.

The solar apex (Apex of the Sun's Way) is the direction that the Sun travels with respect to the Local Standard of Rest. In lay terms, it's the "target" within the Milky Way that the Sun appears to be "chasing" as it orbits the galaxy. It should not be confused with the Sun's "motion" through the Zodiac, which is not a real 3D motion, but a 2D parallax effect due to change in our vantage point (the Earth's revolving around the Sun).

The general direction of the solar apex is southwest of the star Vega near the constellation of Hercules. There are several coordinates for the solar apex. The visual coordinates (as obtained by visual observation of the apparent motion) is right ascension (RA) 18h 28m 0s and declination (dec) of 30° North (in galactic coordinates: 56.24° longitude, 22.54° latitude). The radioastronomical position is RA 18h 03m 50.2s and dec 30° 00′ 16.8″ (galactic coordinates: 58.87° longitude, 17.72° latitude).

The Sun moves towards the apex at about 16.5 km/s. This is relative to the Sun's general orbital speed around the Galactic center, about 220 km/s, already included in the Local Standard of Rest. Thus the Sun gains distance towards the apex at about 1/13 its orbital speed. The sun's motion in the Milky Way is more complex than a simple orbit, it also shifts ("bobs") up and down with respect to the galactic plane.[1]

The nature and extent of the solar motion was first demonstrated by William Herschel in 1783.

The solar antapex, the direction opposite of the solar apex, is located near the star Zeta Canis Minoris.


Religious & Empirical Significance[edit]

Some astrologers attribute special meaning to the solar apex:

   The Solar Apex embodies the unique and majestic path of the soul. Alignments with the Solar Apex asks us to honor that we each have a soul path that is totally unique to ourselves, a path which is beyond what others can see or relate to.

For purposes of Astrology, the Solar Apex enters the ecliptic at about 7° sidereal Sagittarius, although it is separated from the galactic center by more than 60° as seen in the actual heavens.

The Solar Apex was predicted in the Qur'an from the following verse in Surah Yā Sīn:

   "And the sun runs [on course] toward its stopping point. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing” - Surah Ya-seen, Qur'an 36:38 (Sahih International).

In the original Arabic text, the word 'limustaqarrin' translates in the above English translation to a 'stopping point', but the root word 'mustaqarr' also indicates an exact appointed place and time.

As the focus of Surah Ya-Sin is to establish the Qur'an as a divine source, modern Muslims believe this scientific knowledge a miracle that only Allah (God) could have known, as at the time of revelation of the Qur'an the world would have followed the Geocentric model of the Universe.


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