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Solar radiation map of Europe

Austria had 421.7 MW of photovoltaics at the end of 2012, 234.5 MW of which was installed that year. Most of it is grid connected.[1]

In 2009, the site of Zwentendorf power station became Austria's largest solar power station with an investment of 1.2 million Euro, with the addition of 1000 photovoltaic panels.[2] Zwentendorf was intended to be Austria's first nuclear power plant, but after a vote in 1978 prohibiting nuclear power in Austria, was never completed.[3]

In September, 2011, Austria's largest solar power station, 2 MW, was under construction in the Niedere Tauern mountain range.[4] In % the amount in 2013 is 13,2%

Installed photovoltaics (MWp)
Year Off grid On grid Total
2009 3.605 48.991 52.596
2010 3.800 91.700 95.500
2011 3.800 170.000 173.800
2012 4.500 417.200 421.700

Source: Photovoltaic Barometer[5][6][1]

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