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Solar radiation map of Cyprus

Solar power in Cyprus is more available than in almost all of the rest of the Europe. The Cypriot target of solar power including both photovoltaics and concentrated solar power is a combined 7% of electricity by 2020, which will be one of the top ones in the European Union markets. Respective targets are Spain 8%, Germany 7%, Greece 5%, Portugal 4% and Malta 1%.[1]

Solar heating is the usage of solar energy to provide space or water heating. Solar heating per capita in 2010 was the highest in Cyprus of all European countries: 611 W per capita. Corresponding value was in other top EU countries: Austria 385, Greece 253 and Germany 120. In 2010 this capacity was the lowest in the EU, with high unused domestic energy opportunities, in Finland 4, Latvia 3, Estonia 1 and Lithuania 1. Correspondingly the value was in a Scandinavian country Denmark 68.[2]

Photovoltaics installed[2][3]
Year Installed Total (MWp) Generation (GWh)
2009 1.142 3.328 2.9
2010 2.918 6.246 5.6
2011 3.8 10.1 12

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