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Solar radiation map of Portugal

At the end of 2013, Portugal had 277.9 MWp of photovoltaics[1] and produced an estimated 437 GWh of electricity which supplied nearly 166 500 homes and saved approximately 107 074 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2013, solar power was responsible for 0,58% of the total electricity produced. Portugal also increased its solar capacity by 25% when comparing to 2012.[2]

Photovoltaic Plants[edit]

The Serpa solar power plant is a 11 megawatt plant covered 150 acres (0.61 km2) and employs 52,000 PV panels. The panels are raised 2 meters off the ground thus allowing grazing to continue. The plant provides enough energy for 8,000 homes and saves an estimated 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.[3]

In February 2014, a solar plant was inaugurated in Coruche and it will generate 170 MWh per year. The owner, Society for Agroindustrial Development, expressed disappointment in the Portuguese laws which limit the production capacity for microgeneration and said that they only installed 1/10 of what they wanted. The plant will save 68 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.[4]

Total installed photovoltaics[edit]

Total Capacity Installed and Generation[5]
Year Total (MWp) Generation (GWh)
2005 3.0
2006 3.4
2007 17.9
2008 68.0
2009 102.2 160
2010 130.8 213
2011 143.6 277
2012 228.8 360
2013 277.9 437

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