Solarpark Meuro

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Solarpark Meuro
Solarpark Meuro is located in Germany
Solarpark Meuro
Location of Solarpark Meuro
Country Germany
Location Schipkau
Coordinates 51°34′N 13°59′E / 51.567°N 13.983°E / 51.567; 13.983Coordinates: 51°34′N 13°59′E / 51.567°N 13.983°E / 51.567; 13.983
Status Operational
Commission date 2011, 2012
Construction cost €140 million (first 70 MW)
Solar farm
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 200 hectares (494 acres)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 166

Solarpark Meuro is a 166 MW solar park located in Meuro and Schipkau, Germany, and was built on an old lignite mine.[1] It is Germany's largest solar park,[2][3][4] and was named POWER-GEN International solar project of the year in 2012.[5]

The system uses CSI modules stringed to REFUsol 20k String inverters. It is also the first solarpark which uses 690VAC gridvoltage for some of REFUsol 333k HV central inverters.

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